Host your own online quiz event. The quiz is done online and each participant that takes part in the quiz can use their own device like a mobile phone, laptop/computer and even a tablet, as long as they have internet connection. The quiz is fully secured and only your participants can take part in the quiz event.

We can create any quiz for you or you can even provide us with your own questions for the quiz. We recommend at least 40 - 50 questions for the quiz with a time limit of about 25 - 30 minutes.

Here is how it works:

  • You inform us the date and time you would like to host the Online Quiz Event.

  • You provide us with the questions or we can create the questions for you.

  • You decide what type of quiz it must be, Example General knowledge quiz, Music quiz, Sports quiz, combination of music, movies etc. or event a quiz about your Organization/Company/Products or Services.

  • We can add the following questions to the quiz:

    • Multiple-choice questions

    • Checkbox questions

    • Photo questions

    • Matching questions

    • Video questions

    • Music/sound clip questions

    • Hotspot questions where you click on the correct answer

    • True/False questions

    • Essay questions

    • Fill in the Blank questions

  • You provide the prizes for the event.

Our costs include the following:

  • Hosting the quiz in a secure online environment

  • Building the quiz so that it's online ready for any devices

  • Sending the Quiz event login details to each entry with a unique password

  • Stats and reports for all the quiz takers

  • Event advertised on our website and social media if required

For more info or pricing, please complete our Contact Us Form and we will get back to you.

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