Online Quiz Event - Fundraiser

Do you need to raise funds for your organization? Why don’t you do it with a quiz event? It’s fun and provides good entertainment for everyone.


Our quizzes can be done online and each person that takes part in the quiz can use their own device like a mobile phone, laptop/computer, and even tablet, as long as they have an internet connection. The quiz is fully secured and only people who buy a ticket can take part in the quiz event.


We can create any quiz for you and you can even provide us with your own questions for the quiz. We recommend at least 40 - 50 questions for the quiz with a time limit of about 30 minutes.

Here is how it works:

  • You inform us how much the ticket price is to enter the quiz event. We recommend R50 per person

  • You provide us with the questions or we can create the quiz questions.

  • All our quizzes are unique and the latest questions. We do a lot of research into our questions.

  • You decide what type of quiz it must be, for Example General knowledge quiz, Music quiz, Sports quiz, a combination of music, movies, etc. or even a quiz about your organization.

  • We can add the following questions to the quiz:

    • Multiple-choice questions

    • Checkbox questions

    • Photo questions

    • Matching questions

    • Video questions

    • Music/sound clip questions

    • Hotspot questions where you click on the correct answer

    • True/False questions

    • Essay questions

    • Fill in the Blank questions

  • You design the poster for the event and provide us with the final artwork or we can do this but you will need to provide us with your logo etc.

  • You provide the prizes for the event. We recommend a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize.

  • Get some sponsors involved to sponsor the event and the prizes. This will be good to expose their brand for marketing purposes.

  • We can sell the tickets on our secure Quicket page or you are also welcome to sell tickets yourself. If you sell tickets yourself, you will need to provide us with the email address of each participant that buys a ticket. Each participant will need their own email address, so if someone buys two or more tickets, they need to provide a unique email address for each ticket.

How much will it cost:

We charge you R20 per ticket/entry. So if you decide to sell a ticket for R50 per person, you will get R30 for each ticket.


The R20 is covering our costs which include the following:

  • Hosting the quiz in a secure online environment

  • Your own Quiz Portal with your own branding

  • Building the quiz so that it's online ready for any device connected to the internet

  • Sending the Quiz event login details to each participant with a unique password

  • Stats and reports for all the quiz takers

  • The event advertised on our website and on Quicket if required.


We had several companies/individuals that made use of our services and you are welcome to contact any of them. We had successfully raised over R5000 for the Liane Heymans Trust and a few other institutions used it as a fundraiser.


Here are a few examples of Fundraiser events that we have hosted for Organisations:


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